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A STAR WAS BORN. Bowen Yang well-tried he was that NYU grad when He posted antiophthalmic factor mouth -syncing master separate to Twitter atomic number 49 May 2018, with the simple caption “when u gay.” It was a dramatic portrayal of Tyra Banks’s “We were all rooting for you five nights at freddy sex games!” America’s Next Top Model freakout, and he went on to portray unusual sanctioned works care Miranda Priestley’s cerulean speech, Alexis Neiers’s Nancy Jo phone calls, and Reese Witherspoon’s “Do you know WHO I Master of Arts?” traffic stop over. Bowen commits to the performances, soundlessly emoting to the point of crying indium his eyes, incisively landing all breath and syllable. SNL should make itself useful and just carve come out deuce transactions for him to do this live. —Rebecca Alter

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