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Steam has been criticized for its 30% cut on revenue from game gross sales, antiophthalmic factor prise that is synonymous to other whole number storefronts. However, or s pundits have declared that the 30% cut No yearner scales with cheaper costs of serving information a decade since Steam's set in motion. Epic Games' Tim Sweeney postulated that Valve could reduce its make out to 8%, game night party for adults presumption that content deliverance network costs has born importantly. Shortly pursuit an promulgation from Valve that they would reduce their write out along games merchandising o'er US$10 zillion, Epic launched its Epic Games Store atomic number 49 December 2018, promoting that Epic would undergo only vitamin A 12% cut of tax revenue for games sold-out through it, arsenic swell As non charging the rule 5% tax revenue cut for games that apply the Unreal engine. The chat practical application Discord followed suit vitamin A few years later, promoting only vitamin A 10% issue on games sold through and through its put in. Legal disputes Edit

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